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  • Cascais and Estoril are popular beach resorts on the Lisbon coast, sometimes called the Estoril coast. Both Cascais and Estoril are beaches.

  • Cascais is an old fishing port that became famous in the 19th century when the Portuguese nobility declared the place as their summer residence. Cascais has a beautiful old town with classic architecture and pompous residences, from which you can see the fishing port.

  • The construction of the large “Casino Estoril” made Estoril a major attraction for tourists; the casino is still one of the largest in Europe. The intrigue and events that took place in the historic casino during World War II also inspired writer Ian Flemming to invent his legendary hero James Bond. Estoril is a sophisticated city, but without the flair so characteristic of Cascais.

  • The three beaches, which can be reached on foot from Cascais, are small and of scenic interest, but in summer they are quickly besieged by crowds. Estoril has a larger beach (Praia do Tamariz) all around the wide bay of the city, but this beach is only slightly better than the beaches in Cascais. The dream beaches on the Lisbon coast are clearly the Guincho beach and the beach of Carcavelos.